Rockets Offer To Have Lizzo Perform With The Clutch City Dancers

Seated at the Staples Center on Sunday as the Lakers cheerleaders came out to perform Lizzo’s hit “Juice” was the Entertainer of the Year herself. Dressed in fishnet tights and a black thong, she joined in the dancing.
Unfortunately, some took issue; even going as far as to fat-shame the singer-rapper for her moves.
Not the Rockets. Taking to their official Twitter account, the team has reached out to Lizzo, inviting her to “come home to Houston and dance with [the Clutch City Dancers] on the court any time!”
Looks like this could happen too. Lizzo replied, “I’ll be there w/ bells on my booty”.
What do you think of the Rockets’ offer? How about Lizzo’s response to the shamers?