Rosie O’Donnell Says Bill Cosby Once Sexually Harassed Her Producer

During a remote appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Rosie O’ Donnell admitted that Bill Cosby allegedly sexually harassed a producer on her old daytime talk show.
O’Donnell told Cohen, OK, well, I’m going to tell you the story about what happened to a staff member on our show. Very tall, like, six-foot-tall, larger woman, very great producer. She was assigned to do his ‘Mystery Guest.’ He was there as the mystery guest. Now, newsflash I knew who the mystery guest was every time. I just was acting along with it.
O’Donnell alleged, So, in the room, the green room, the producer goes in and she’s talking and saying to Bill Cosby, ‘You know, she’s not going to know that it’s you’ and he said ‘All she has to do is put her hand right here. And he put his hand near his penis, ‘And she’ll know it’s me.’
O’Donnell added that the female producer cried and left the room. A male producer returned to the green room to give Cosby a tongue-lashing for his inappropriate behavior.
O’Donnell says that she didn’t know about the incident until after the show.
O’Donnell said that she tried to come clean about the allegations on The View but was told she couldn’t.
Why do think Rosie is just now speaking up about this incident? What are your thoughts on The View for not allowing her to share info regarding the alleged incident?