Rosie Perez Turned Down Flight Attendant Role At First

Rosie Perez stars in the Flight Attendant alongside Kaley Cuoco, and she revealed that she turned down the role at first.
Rosie said, “When I first read it, I said, ‘This is a weird show’. And I turned it down because I don’t like traveling. I hate flying.”
She added that Kaley had to beg her to come on the show before she accepted the role on the series.
Perez continued, “I was just playing it cool. But the flying thing really was an issue. The final deciding factor was when we talked about work ethics. We both have very strong work ethics and a high appreciation that we get to do this, that this is our job. That makes a huge difference. Also, the begging was hilarious.”
Are you excited about the new season of the Flight Attendant?