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Sam Asghari calls girlfriend Britney Spears a "natural athlete" and dishes on her competitive side

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Being separated from a loved one for an extended period of time is extremely difficult and challenging.  When the COVID-19 pandemic first swept across the U.S., Britney Spears was forced to quarantine separately from her boyfriend Sam Asghari.

Asghari caught up with E! News on how the two kept in touch while waiting out the pandemic in different states, which he said felt like “a lifetime.”

“When we were not together, it was just like when I was on a project or away from her,” the fitness trainer explained, saying Britney was visiting family in Louisiana when stay-at-home measures were instated.  However, just because they couldn’t physically touch one another, they still found ways to feel connected.

“I trained with her for workouts via FaceTime,” Asghari said of their unconventional dates.  “It went great.”

While apart, the “Toxic” singer revealed on Instagram that she missed her boyfriend so much, that she was losing weight.  

Now that the two have reunited, the couple are spending “every day together” while keeping up with their fitness regime.

Asghari detailed, “We play a lot of tennis… She’s very competitive when it comes to tennis.”  The fitness trainer marveled that,  “I think she’s trained before to be a professional tennis player. That’s how good she is. Oh man, she’s a natural athlete.”

The two also turn to working out when they start feeling antsy due to the pandemic, saying “We usually go on a bike ride, something to help reduce anxiety and stress” because the “solid movement” helps calm them down.

When not working out, the 26-year-old makes Britney a home cooked breakfast, try to outsmart each other at card games, cuddle up when watching movies and splash around in the pool.  “That’s what we love doing,” he asserted.

By Megan Stone
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