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Shakira surfs in Spain in video for new song, “Don’t Wait Up”

M Shakira 071621
Jaume De Laiguana

Shakira is back with a brand-new song. On Friday, the singer dropped the summery dance track “Don’t Wait Up,” along with a music video shot in Tenerife, Spain.

Shakira tells Apple Music’s Zane Lowe that she was “very nervous” to release the track because it’s her first English-language song in a while, but she also feels like the song was “heaven sent.”

“This song is a song that I’ve been waiting to write and have for a long time,” she says. “It has been living inside of me in some sort of metaphysical way, and it just sort of materialized. But it’s been there for a while.”

As for the video, she describes it as being “very nostalgic” but in an “awesome way.” In the clip, Shakira surfs on a glowing surfboard and hits the club.

“I spent two months preparing this video, finding the right director, talking to him every day on my WhatsApp, every minute of the day,” Shakira says. “And we were just brainstorming the whole time, and in so many different levels, on one side, there was the music that was still growing and we were still polishing and finishing, finessing all the details. And then on the other side was the dance, and then on the other side, it was the production and the creation of the video, which was super challenging.”

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