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Are you napping while working from home?

HOW MANY WORKERS ARE NAPPING WHILE WORKING FROM HOME?   Use the map below to discover the % of workers napping while working from home. Based on a survey of...

Disney and Sony Agree to Spider-Man Deal

Marvel Studios and Sony have been battling over Spider-Man since 2009 and have now come to an agreement!  Sony has had the rights to Spider-Man since 1985 and in 2015,...

Medical Examiner Releases George Floyd's Report

The Hennepin County Medical Examiner has ruled that the death of Minneapolis’ George Floyd was a homicide.  In the examiner’s updated findings, Floyd “experienced a cardiopulmonary arrest while being restrained...

West Palm Beach Curfew In Effect

West Palm Beach Mayor Keith James has issued a curfew beginning at 9 p.m. and lasting until 6 a.m. after protesters descended on Clematis Street yesterday.  At least two Geek...

Lady Gaga's New Music Refers to Ex?

According to Fans “Fun Tonight” is one of the songs from Lady Gaga’s new album, Chromatica, that she says “means a lot to her.” The song details a love that...

Disney Announces Reopening Date!

Walt Disney World Resort has plans to will reopen on July 11th!! The announcement was made yesterday. The Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom will be the first to open. Epcot...

KFC Testing A New Chicken Sandwich

After the Popeyes chicken sandwich became a cultural phenomenon last year, KFC was sitting on the outside looking in. Now KFC is testing out a new chicken sandwich in the...

Universal Orlando New Protocols

Universal Studios Florida, Universal’s Islands of Adventure and Universal’s Volcano Bay are all set to open on June 5th!! CDC guidelines will have to be adhered to. Face coverings will...

Second Date Update PODCAST: Googly Eyes

A first date has never had so much pressure on it… Olivia has some very high EXPECTATIONS. Can she get what she wants?! Hear in the Podcast!

Second Date Update PODCAST: Let's Be Honest or Else

Mia believes couples should know EVERYTHING about each other… She wanted nothing but honesty from her date, and pushed him to answer some questions… Things ended when he gave the WORST answer!

Second Date Update PODCAST: Lost Hotel Room

Aaron drank a little too much at a hotel and spent hours wandering around the halls looking for his date… But never found her… She was left alone in her room all night. He tracked down her phone number and wants to explain himself!

Second Date Update PODCAST: Sunrise Date

Not all dates go according to plan…Tommy planned a date at 5 A.M to watch the sunrise… And it was ruined by a rainstorm! He’s hoping he can make up for everything that went wrong, listen in the Podcast!

Second Date Update UPDATE PODCAST: Boring Dude

Every once in a while we do a segment called a “Second Date Update UPDATE”… Where we contact a couple who has appeared on this show in the past, to find out what’s going on with them now… Are they still together? Are they NOT together? You never know what could happen… But today’s Second Date Update UPDATE is …

Second Date Update PODCAST: Set Up or Set Up

Brian admits he is in LOVE after his first date with Jordan… But then he found out she’s back with her EX! He desperately wants another chance with her and will do ANYTHING to get her back. Hear what he does in the Podcast!

Second Date Update PODCAST: High School Date

Matt took his date to a basketball game… At his old HIGH SCHOOL. If this wasn’t bad enough, he talked non-stop about his glory days of playing… And Kayla was clearly NOT impressed. Can he make it up to her?? Listen in the Podcast!

Second Date Update PODCAST: Hospital Hottie

Marcella’s love story is a modern day ROM- COM… It all began in a hospital… When she met a man she hasn’t stopped thinking about for months! Now that she’s newly single she wants to reconnect with him… Hear their love story play out!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Butter Me Up

Jubal rented one of those high end cameras and a few lights… And unfortunately, he got himself into a bit of a “situation” doing his home photo shoot. He calls up the rental company… Hopefully the guy on the other line can help!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Deliver My Package

Jubal needs to get a SPECIAL package through airport security… He’s about to see if one airline employee is dedicated enough to their job to follow his shady instruction… After all.. she doesn’t know what’s in this box…. 

Phone Tap PODCAST: Bingo Con

Jubal calls a woman who just won the GRAND PRIZE at a Bingo Hall the other night… the thing is… he KNOWS that she cheated. He doesn’t know HOW, but he needs that prize back. And we’ll just say… She. Goes. Nuts.

Phone Tap PODCAST: Vending Machine Ripoff

Jubal calls a woman who wants her money back…She feels like she’s been WRONGED by the company vending machine too many times! Good thing he’s got a few solutions for her… Hear it in the Phone Tap.

Phone Tap PODCAST: Obando Columbia

No one enjoys calls from automated voices to confirm appointments… So we brought in our OWN voice robot to help a man who is making reservations. Listen in the Phone Tap!

Phone Tap PODCAST: New Company Dress Code

It’s no secret that most people really hate company dress codes… Most people just murmur about their discontent under their own breath… But the guy in today’s Phone Tap is ready to speak up about it!


Jubal calls a guest who has made MULTIPLE calls to confirm her hotel reservation and informs her that due to her high maintenance habits… She and her entire wedding party will be TAKEN OFF of the reservation list!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Dark Web Fairytales

A lady who is tired of dating losers and weirdos is set up with Craig, the author of dark children books… pretty freaky stuff… Check out how their pre-date phone conversation went on your Phone Tap!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Worst Car Mechanic Ever

Jubal calls a woman who recently brought her car into the mechanic for a simple fix… The problem is that every time he fixes one thing another gets broken. Hear her reaction in today’s Phone Tap!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Shop Till You Drop

Jubal poses as a customer rep from a clothing company telling a shopper that she is invited to be the very FIRST customer of a huge sale…BUT he needs some of her PRIVATE, financial information first that he thinks she’s gullible enough to get… Hear the Phone Tap.

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Jeffrey Dubow, know as “Young Jeffrey,”is co-host of Brooke & Jeffrey-the hit nationally syndicated morning show originating from Hubbard Radio Seattle’s MOViN 92.5. He joined the station nearly 10 years ago and previously served as  an on-air personality and executive producer of the Marconi Award-winning program,Brooke & Jubal.



A Tacoma native, Jose Bolanos grew up in the restaurant industry, but decided to try stand-up comedy at the age of 23.Soon after, he auditioned for a local radio show in Seattle and the rest is history. Today, Jose is a cast member on Brooke & Jeffrey,the popular morning show on Hubbard Radio Seattle’s MOViN 92.5 KQMV, which is syndicated by Premiere Networks on more than 50 stations nationwide.Jose previously co-hosted the Marconi-Award winning Brooke & Jubal Show