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Screw The Lottery | Young Jeffrey's Song of the Week

It's EASY to spend $751 million, the hard part is actually winning it first! Instead of Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me" it's Young Jeffrey's "Screw the Lottery!"

What's On Your Mind? - January 20

Brooke bought her husband a present that is ruining her life, Jose got some adorable fan-mail, Alexis had to fake a back injury, and Jeffrey had a close call with ...

Need An RN | Young Jeffrey's Song of the Week

Front line workers: for all you do, this one's for you. Instead of Charlie Puth and Wiz Khalifa's "See You Again" It's Young Jeffrey's "Need An RN"

Animated Adventures: Rolando Works At Subway

Everyone deserves a sandwich made with... passion...

What's On Your Mind? - January 13

Brooke's child has a sick fish, Jose got injured during the Shock Collar Question, Alexis is losing friends to engagements, and Jeffrey has ANOTHER beef with ...

2000th Shock Collar Question

For our 2000th Shock Collar Question of all time we put the hosts through the first ever Shock Collar Relay Race! Finish the race in under 2 minutes and they'll ...

I Lasted Two Days | Young Jeffrey's Song of the Week

Given up on your New Year's Resolution yet? What's taking you so long? Instead of Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way" It's Young Jeffrey's "I Lasted Two Days"

Animated Adventures: Drone Lights

In today's brand new Animated Phone Tap, Jose calls a guy who booked a company to install Christmas lights around his house. Long story short things did ...

Second Date Update PODCAST: Mechanic Mistake

The listener who emailed us is 99% sure she knows why she’s being ghosted…. It’s not when she asked her date what he does for a living… But the UNBELIEVABLE thing she asked after!

Second Date Update PODCAST: Risky Joke

Showing your sense of humor on a first date is very important. But one of our listeners took a risk and told a bad joke that ended him up in the dog house and begging us for help with a Second Date!

Second Date Update PODCAST: Coffee Shop Jordans

The woman on the phone says her life was changed FOREVER after meeting a guy at a coffee shop, which was pretty inspiring… Until we learned the bizarre truth behind it all….

Second Date Update PODCAST: Skincare Nut

One of our listeners CROSSED THE LINE and breached our trust! We were rooting for him….. Until he BETRAYED us… Even Jeffrey is STILL disappointed!

Second Date Update PODCAST: Codeword: Seatbelt

We’ve got a MYSTERY on our hands… Today’s caller received a text from his date saying one thing… “SEATBELT”… He can’t get another date with her until he figures out what it means!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Video Attire

Today’s Phone Tap Victim is getting called out for her inappropriate “Zoom etiquette!” Her co-workers have filed complaints and Brooke poses as HR to lay down the law!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Office Kisses

Jeff is onboarding a new employee to the office. We hope he’s ready for some team-building activities, and by team-building we mean Inter-Office Kissing Train!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Bumper Sticker

Brooke calls a woman who believes she’s a PERFECT neighbor…But now that we’ve moved to the area, we’re ready to start some beef! Who’s ready to feel the WRATH of Brooke?

Phone Tap PODCAST: Ski Lodge Tree Accident

Today’s Phone Tap Victim recently got in a skiing accident that his friends know he’s extremely EMBARRASSED about….So of course when they asked us to PILE ON and not let him live it down, we said yes!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Doggy Daycare

Jeff’s calling a dog mom with some serious COMPLAINTS about her pup’s behavior…Watch out, his bark is just as bad as his bite!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Rolando Subway

Every one deserves a sandwich made by a true ARTIST at least once in their life. Today’s Phone Tap victim just wants some lunch but he’s getting a brilliant sandwich from Jose’s character “Rolando.”

Phone Tap PODCAST: Driving School

We called a mom who’s on EDGE about her son’s first day of driving lessons…Nothing to worry about though, her son is in Driving Instructor Brooke’s hands, so what could possibly go wrong!

Phone Tap PODCAST: College Donation

Jeffrey gets to pretend to be one of the most ANNOYING people on earth: a solicitor for donations from your old university! But today, he’s taking things up a notch!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Prioritize

Now that vaccines are rolling out, Brooke is calling an office manager who just wants some answers for his employees about when they’ll get it. Spoiler alert: She’s not very helpful.

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A self-described small-town girl living the big city dream, Brooke Fox has worked in morning radio for the past 14  years.She previously hosted Top 40 radio’s first all-female morning drive showin Spokane (KZZU-FM), served as music director and morning co-host in Portland (KKRZ-FM),and started another all-female morning show in Seattle (KQMV-FM). Most recently, she co-hosted the Marconi award-winning, national radio show,Brooke & Jubal.



Jeffrey Dubow, know as “Young Jeffrey,”is co-host of Brooke & Jeffrey-the hit nationally syndicated morning show originating from Hubbard Radio Seattle’s MOViN 92.5. He joined the station nearly 10 years ago and previously served as  an on-air personality and executive producer of the Marconi Award-winning program,Brooke & Jubal.



A Tacoma native, Jose Bolanos grew up in the restaurant industry, but decided to try stand-up comedy at the age of 23.Soon after, he auditioned for a local radio show in Seattle and the rest is history. Today, Jose is a cast member on Brooke & Jeffrey,the popular morning show on Hubbard Radio Seattle’s MOViN 92.5 KQMV, which is syndicated by Premiere Networks on more than 50 stations nationwide.Jose previously co-hosted the Marconi-Award winning Brooke & Jubal Show