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I'm Gonna VOTE | Young Jeffrey's Song of the Week

Voting has never been so LIT! Instead of The Lonely Island and T-Pain's "I'm On A Boat" it's Young Jeffrey's "I'm Gonna VOTE"

Animated Adventures: Musical Lawsuit

Who knew Billy Ray Cyrus could cause so much trouble? Check it out in another animated Phone Tap!

What's On Your Mind? - October 21

Brooke is worried Alexis is scared of her, Jose has a big announcement about cuffing season, Alexis had a fight or flight moment, and Jeff has some thoughts ...

Synergy | Young Jeffrey's Song of the Week

Whether you like your boss or not, you're gonna love this Song of the Week. Instead of Bebe Rexha's "Meant to Be" it's Young Jeffrey's "Synergy" Happy ...

Animated Adventures: Double Couples Counseling

Today's Phone Tap victim was recommended a husband and wife couples counseling team to help with her relationship and she got way more than she ...

Whats On Your Mind? - October 14

Brooke is upset with no free candy in the office, Jose tried to help a friend and ended up confusing a bunch of people, Alexis and her roommate are feuding over ...

Sorry | Young Jeffrey's Song of the Week

Canada invented #Thanksgiving and its time the entire WORLD recognized that fact. In celebration of the REAL Thanksgiving on Monday, instead of Justin ...

Animated Adventures: Sleep Study

Today's Phone Tap victim is expecting to hear results from the Sleep Study he participated in... but he wasn't expecting to be diagnosed with "Triple S"

Second Date Update PODCAST: Hate Fest

Things went OFF THE RAILS pretty quickly today…. We ended up stuck in the middle of a HUGE argument… But it’s clear who the winner was… Hear for yourself!

Second Date Update PODCAST: Bank Teller Love

The guy on today’s date was a good listener and asked deep questions… But his curiosity got the best of him, and now he’s accused of being a CRIMINAL!

Second Date Update PODCAST: Wisdom Teeth

Clarissa had oral surgery and got a ride home from Matthew while she was under ANESTHESIA…She hasn’t heard back since, and can’t remember what she did to scare away him away!

Second Date Update PODCAST: CarJacked

We have an EMERGENCY on our hands… We’re Marissa’s last hope before she calls the authorities! An amazing first date somehow turned into a CRIME SCENE.

Second Date Update PODCAST: Litter Bug

One listener got caught in a bad downward spiral on his date….One wrong thing kept leading to another, and he needs our help breaking the cycle!

Second Date Update PODCAST: #VanLife

It only took us 5 seconds to figure out everything we needed to know about the guy on the phone today. He goes by “Cheese” and we think you’re gonna love him!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Sand Sheriff

Jose calls from the Parks Department DEMANDING answers about one woman’s trip to the beach….Stealing sand from the beach is a CRIME and she is GUILTY!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Musical Lawsuit

Jeff is suing a store manager for his horrible taste in music playlists… His employees claim they’re suffering from MUSICAL TORTURE!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Super Real Estate

Jeff calls a real estate agent posing as BATMAN to try and find a new place…Specifically, a LAIR. Superheroes needs real estate help too!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Apple Support

Brooke calls a woman who uses “Siri” on her iPhone way too much, so we’re putting a LIMIT on her Siri usage. We’re Apple and we can do that!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Prison Favor

Jose calls from jail and is desperate for the one guy who picks up the phone to not hang up on Jose’s ONE phone call. How far will one man go for an alleged felon that he doesn’t know?

Phone Tap PODCAST: Rolando Massage

Rolando is back! He calls a man who’s wife booked a massage appointment… He wants permission to give his SPECIAL TOUCH

Phone Tap PODCAST: Rolando Massage

Rolando is back! He calls a man who’s wife booked a massage appointment… He wants permission to give his SPECIAL TOUCH

Phone Tap PODCAST: Double Couples Counseling

In our first ever DUAL Phone Tap, Brooke AND Jeff call posing as a husband and wife couples counseling team… Two therapists for the price of one, what can go wrong?!

Phone Tap PODCAST: You're The New Teacher

Brooke poses as a teacher and calls a mom who’s done an INCREDIBLE job with Zoom classes….In fact, she’s so great that now she’s in charge of the ENTIRE class!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Zoo Problems

Jose calls a zoo employee desperate for help…. He LOST his phone at the zoo… And the GORILLA’S are using it!!

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