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Animated Adventures - Hello Fresh

Normally, Brooke doesn't have a mean bone in her body, but in today's Phone Tap she's doing a nice round of Grocery Shaming and judging a guy for his ...

My Vaccine | Young Jeffrey's Song of the Week

Instead of ABBA's Dancing Queen, Young Jeffrey wants "MY VACCINE!"

Animated Adventures: Kanye Hotel

Pranking front desk workers is one of our specialties and in today's Animated Phone Tap, we call the front desk of a big hotel to let them know one of the world's ...

Brooke Doesn't Tip Baristas - What's On Your Mind? (April 7)

Brooke hasn't been tipping her baristas, Jose got called into the Boss's office, Alexis had a disappointing Easter, and Jeffrey needs his neighbors to step up and ...

I'm A Peep | Young Jeffrey's Song of the Week

It's time the most under appreciated Easter treat got some respect. This one goes out to all the PEEPS! Instead of Radiohead's "I'm a Creep" it's Young Jeffrey's ...

Animated Adventures: April Fools At the Bank

This April Fools Day... NO ONE is going to catch Jose off guard!

Brooke Owes Alexis An Apology - What's On Your Mind (March 31)

Brooke has an apology for Alexis, Jose tried out some Vaccine humor that didn't go well, Alexis' confidence is sky high after a workout, and Jeffrey is wondering ...

Capri Sun Chugging World Record Attempt

The official record was 16.65 seconds. Do you think Jeffrey's attempt counts as a new World Record?

Second Date Update Podcast: High Maintenance
In the dating world, you never want to be labeled “High Maintenance”, and one of our listeners is worried that’s what her date thought of her…. Even though she swears...
Second Date Update PODCAST: Locked In the Park
Imagine being trapped in a park….At NIGHT…During a first date! It happened to one of our listeners and now that she’s finally out, she’s ready to tell us what happened...
Second Date Update PODCAST: Come Back Later
One listener faced one of the most uncomfortable interactions with her date BEFORE it even started… You’ll NEVER show up early for a date again after this…
Second Date Update PODCAST: Promtastrophe
Have standards even been lower in the dating game? We may restore your faith in romance, because one of our listeners went above and beyond to plan a special night.
Phone Tap PODCAST: Psychic Party Tricks
Today’s Phone Tap victim is expecting a psychic to come to her company’s holiday party, but their usual medium isn’t available. So this year, she’s getting our very own Brooke...
Phone Tap PODCAST: Clover Fake Sick
If you think you can fake sick and get away with it you’re wrong! Your company might hire us to send ex-special forces sergeant ‘Clover’ to get to the bottom...
Phone Tap PODCAST: Please Hold
Today’s Phone Tap Victim left a complaint with a department store and today we’re not just calling her back with one customer service rep, but two! That should be helpful,...
Phone Tap PODCAST: Kanye Hotel
Jeff is getting help from an A-List CELEBRITY in today’s Phone Tap! He’s pranking a woman who started her first week at a hotel front desk job… And this is...
Phone Tap PODCAST: 5G Fridge
Today’s Phone Tap victim is the lucky random person who got selected for his apartment to get a 5G upgrade! But once Brooke tells him what that really means… he...
Phone Tap PODCAST: April Fools At The Bank
Happy April Fools day! Today’s Phone Tap victim simply wants to resolve an issue with their bank, but Jose is on high alert for pranks. You can’t prank us if...
Phone Tap PODCAST: Trapped In The Escape Room
Today’s Phone Tap victim works at an Escape Room and Jeff is calling after he wandered off and got himself stuck in a place that’s DEFINITELY not part of the...
Phone Tap PODCAST: Hyper Grape
Jose calls a woman who works at a vending machine company and her biggest nightmare is about to come true… Jose is going to confess his love for the ENERGY...
Phone Tap PODCAST: Boss Comedy
Brooke is calling a new employee, and she’s ready to be the COOL BOSS! She’s confident that she’s the funniest person in the office and can prove it!

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A self-described small-town girl living the big city dream, Brooke Fox has worked in morning radio for the past 14  years.She previously hosted Top 40 radio’s first all-female morning drive showin Spokane (KZZU-FM), served as music director and morning co-host in Portland (KKRZ-FM),and started another all-female morning show in Seattle (KQMV-FM). Most recently, she co-hosted the Marconi award-winning, national radio show,Brooke & Jubal.



Jeffrey Dubow, know as “Young Jeffrey,”is co-host of Brooke & Jeffrey-the hit nationally syndicated morning show originating from Hubbard Radio Seattle’s MOViN 92.5. He joined the station nearly 10 years ago and previously served as  an on-air personality and executive producer of the Marconi Award-winning program,Brooke & Jubal.



A Tacoma native, Jose Bolanos grew up in the restaurant industry, but decided to try stand-up comedy at the age of 23.Soon after, he auditioned for a local radio show in Seattle and the rest is history. Today, Jose is a cast member on Brooke & Jeffrey,the popular morning show on Hubbard Radio Seattle’s MOViN 92.5 KQMV, which is syndicated by Premiere Networks on more than 50 stations nationwide.Jose previously co-hosted the Marconi-Award winning Brooke & Jubal Show