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What's On Your Mind? - February 24

Brooke's daughter is obsessed with "OMG Dolls," Jose's DM's overfloweth, Alexis thinks her garage is haunted and Jeffrey wants to know "where is it okay to ...

Sweat Through My Pajamas On Peloton | Young Jeffrey's Song of the Week

For everyone exercising at home, or anyone who wants to try... this one's for you! Instead of Kid Rock's "All Summer Long" it's Young Jeffrey's "Sweat Through My ...

Animated Adventures: Bank Candy

Normally if you get a phone call from your bank, they want you to sign up for something. But in today's Phone Tap the bank is calling one guy and accusing him ...

What's On Your Mind? - February 17

Brooke's 10 traffic tickets finally arrived, Jose was swamped by backhanded compliments, Alexis is feuding with Brooke over new hair colors, and Jeffrey has ...

Chocolate | Young Jeffrey's Song of the Week

There's only one thing your partner needs this Valentine's Day... Instead of Britney Spears' "Toxic" it's Young Jeffrey's "Chocolate!"

Gatorade Dump 2021

Somehow, some way, Digital Jake lost the Super Bowl Gatorade bet... So here's his punishment: a bath in 128 oz of Blue Victory.

Animated Adventures: Bro Interrupted

Jose and Jeffrey are teaming up for another new DUAL Phone Tap today. Jeff has a very important phone interview today and older brother Jose just can't get ...

Whats On Your Mind? - Feb 10

Brooke has a big bill coming due, Jose had a close call, Alexis has a beef with Jeffrey, and Jeffrey can't stop talking about JUICES! It's time to go around the ...

Second Date Update PODCAST: Layover Love
We have a real-life “unicorn” on the phone with us…At least in the dating world…She’s a kind, caring, hot FLIGHT ATTENDANT. If she can’t get another date is there hope...
Second Date Update PODCAST: Slept Like A Baby
Ditching someone in the middle of a first date is arguably the WORST thing you can do…But our listener on the phone today did it anyways. He swears he has...
Second Date Update PODCAST: Netflix And Fail
There’s an ART to executing the proper Netflix and Chill…And the listener on the phone today clearly didn’t know that. Let this be a lesson of what NOT to do...
Second Date Update PODCAST: Forgotten Mother
Simply the mention of the word “MOTHER” caused one person on the call to stand up, sprint away, and abandon their planned date with no warning! Sounds like some serious...
Phone Tap PODCAST: The Ad Pharmacist
Today’s Phone Tap victim just wants to fill his prescription over the phone, but Brooke has a different remedy for his ailments: Ads, Ads, and more Ads!
Phone Tap PODCAST: Disney Plus Plus
Jeff is offering today’s Phone Tap victim a complimentary UPGRADE to a popular streaming service… It’s after she agrees to it that he explains what she’s REALLY getting….And she’s suddenly...
Phone Tap PODCAST: I Deleted Everything
Today, Jose pretended to be a new hire of an accounting firm…Who accidentally deleted an entire company’s database! YEARS worth of information gone FOREVER, safe to say they’re not happy!
Phone Tap PODCAST: 30 Year Streaming Package
Don’t you hate when you forget to cancel a free trial before they charge your card? Today’s Phone Tap victim is one of those people and we’re gonna ruin their...
Phone Tap PODCAST: Bank Candy
Brooke is posing as a banker and calling a customer to accuse him of a heinous crime: stealing free candy. HOW DARE HE… It’s time for him to pay the...
Phone Tap PODCAST: Lady Zipperty
Jeff is being thrown in the middle of an ON-GOING neighbor FEUD! Just the mention of a lawyer has today’s Phone Tap victim FURIOUS.
Phone Tap PODCAST: Enhancement Powder Package
Today’s Phone Tap Victim did NOT order anything online and is NOT expecting any packages…But Jose’s going to try to convince him otherwise. Once you hear what’s being delivered you’ll...
Phone Tap PODCAST: Sad Dog
Today’s Phone Tap Victim is being pranked by his co-worker! First, a picture was stolen off his desk at work… And now Brooke “from HR” is calling to explain exactly...
Phone Tap PODCAST: Bro Interrupted
Jeff and Jose teamed up for a DUAL Phone Tap! Jeff has a very important phone interview and his brother Jose can’t take a hint to stay off the landline!

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A self-described small-town girl living the big city dream, Brooke Fox has worked in morning radio for the past 14  years.She previously hosted Top 40 radio’s first all-female morning drive showin Spokane (KZZU-FM), served as music director and morning co-host in Portland (KKRZ-FM),and started another all-female morning show in Seattle (KQMV-FM). Most recently, she co-hosted the Marconi award-winning, national radio show,Brooke & Jubal.



Jeffrey Dubow, know as “Young Jeffrey,”is co-host of Brooke & Jeffrey-the hit nationally syndicated morning show originating from Hubbard Radio Seattle’s MOViN 92.5. He joined the station nearly 10 years ago and previously served as  an on-air personality and executive producer of the Marconi Award-winning program,Brooke & Jubal.



A Tacoma native, Jose Bolanos grew up in the restaurant industry, but decided to try stand-up comedy at the age of 23.Soon after, he auditioned for a local radio show in Seattle and the rest is history. Today, Jose is a cast member on Brooke & Jeffrey,the popular morning show on Hubbard Radio Seattle’s MOViN 92.5 KQMV, which is syndicated by Premiere Networks on more than 50 stations nationwide.Jose previously co-hosted the Marconi-Award winning Brooke & Jubal Show