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Source: Britney looking forward to a “small wedding,” and a “simple life,” without performing

Gareth Cattermole/BCU18/Getty Images for BCU

Following reports that Britney Spears doesn’t seem to want to return to performing even after her conservatorship is terminated, a source tells People magazine that her fiancé is trying to get her to change her mind.

The source says Sam Asghari, who popped the question to Britney last month, “has encouraged her to think about performing again,” despite the fact, the source allows, that “it seems she’s just not ready.”

The source notes that Sam “is a great influence on Britney,” adding, “When Sam is around, Britney’s days are very focused. Sam is very disciplined about working out and eating healthy. When she is alone, it’s hard for her to motivate herself.”

But even Sam may not be able to get Britney back onstage.  The source tells People that following her and Sam’s return from a vacation in French Polynesia, the singer is thinking of a future that doesn’t include touring.

“[Britney wants] a small wedding as soon as possible and wants to have more kids,” dishes the source, adding that she wants a “simple” life that would include spending time with her kids, creating art, working out and gardening.

“She wants the conservatorship to end, but she doesn’t seem to have a plan beyond this,” the source notes. “She just wants to start fresh.”


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