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Sugar & “girl stuff”: Bebe Rexha learned on the job for movie debut ‘Queenpins’

Credit: Michael Desmond/STX Films

Bebe Rexha makes her acting debut in Queenpins, a new comedy that arrives today on the Paramount Plus streaming platform. Bebe plays a computer hacker who helps launder money for two housewives who are running a multi-million-dollar coupon scam.  Bebe says the movie’s star, Kristen Bell, gave her the secret to improving her performance: sugar.

“She just told me to relax and then also, like, 10 minutes before going on camera, I was like, ‘I need energy,’ because after a while…I kinda felt like my energy was getting low,” Bebe tells ABC Audio. “So she was like, ‘Go get like an M&M or whatever…just eat some sugar,’ and that actually really helped!”

She laughs, “Thanks Kristen, that was a good tip!”

In fact, the “Jealous” singer admits she was “eating the whole time” she wasn’t on camera, because the food on set was so “magnificent.”  And while she says she also got “some advice on some girl stuff” from her female cast members, she didn’t seek out any acting advice prior to taking the role from other pop stars-turned-actors, like Lady Gaga.

“I haven’t gotten any acting advice from anybody famous, to be quite honest with you,” she admits. “I just got the script and I was like, ‘I like this. I’m going to do it, why not?'”

However, Bebe says she doesn’t plan to pursue acting as a career — because, she says, it’s difficult.

“Acting is honestly…it’s not just something you can pick up and do,” she tells ABC Audio. “It’s actually quite hard…you have to be really focused on your intentions and where your mind’s at and how you want to say something.”

Guess Bebe will just have to stick to her day job as a global pop star.

(Trailer contains uncensored profanity.)


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