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Surfaces' hit "Sunday Best" is about overcoming the "darkest stuff of your life"

Grace Quinn

Pop duo SurfacesForrest Frank and Colin Padalecki –have a top 10 hit on Billboard’s Pop Songs chart with “Sunday Best.”  While the song and its video are upbeat and sunny, Forrest tells ABC Audio that contrary to popular belief, the song isn’t some carefree ditty about privileged folks who don’t have any problems.

“So a lot of people, I see in the comments, sometimes people are like, ‘This song is for people that never have anything bad happen to them,’ like, ‘This is for like people that grew up in [a certain type of environment]’…whatever,” Forrest says.

“And it’s funny because that song was written from a place of…like, it’s like, post-testimony,” he continues, using the word in the religious sense.

“So imagine you go through the darkest stuff of your life, like depression, anxiety or suicide…things that are really tough,” he explains. “It’s like getting out of that and seeing the light of day and accepting who you are and accepting your situation and saying, ‘I’m going to just breathe this air and have a good day.’ And that’s really where that song came from.”

Forrest says lyrics like “Feeling good, like I should” and “Every day can be a better day/despite the challenge” are what he calls “deposits of encouragement.”

“[They] stemmed from both Colin and I’s overcoming of struggles,” he reveals. “So, yeah, that’s kind of what it’s about.”

In addition to the success of “Sunday Best,” Surfaces are also celebrating the release of “Learn to Fly,” their duet with music legend Elton John.  They recently dropped a pastel-colored animated video for the tune.

By Andrea Dresdale
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