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Taylor Swift gets ‘Pretty’ great sales boost thanks to Prime Video series

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Peter Taylor/Prime Video

The series The Summer I Turned Pretty is a hit on Prime Video, and Taylor Swift is one of the beneficiaries of its success.

Jenny Han, who wrote the novel of the same name and also worked on the series, has spoken about how important it was for her to get the rights to use Taylor’s music. Now, Variety reports that the artists whose music was featured in the show have seen huge increases in streams, sales and followers, and Taylor’s music is among them.

Variety reports that Taylor’s 2019 album Lover has re-entered the top 40 of the Billboard 200 album chart because two songs from it — “Cruel Summer” and “False God” — are featured in the show. The album also went from Taylor’s fourth most-streamed album to number one on Spotify after racking up 3.9 million streams, according to the publication. 

Meanwhile, the song “Cruel Summer” experienced its highest streaming day on Spotify since 2019.

Taylor’s re-recording of “This Love,” from her album 1989, is also featured in the show after making its debut in the trailer.

A new Taylor song, “Carolina,” is now being featured on another project: It debuted in the trailer for the upcoming film Where the Crawdads Sing.

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