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Taylor Swift shares live video version of "Cornelia Street" from 'City of Lover'

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Since May 17, subscribers to Disney+ and Hulu have been able to enjoy Taylor Swift‘s City of Lover live concert, which she filmed in Paris last year.  But if you don’t have either of those services, you can now enjoy one performance for free.

On Monday, Taylor posted her rendition of the Lover song “Cornelia Street” on YouTube for all Swifties to enjoy.  It’s a stripped-down performance, with just Taylor and her guitar.  While the songs from City of Lover were released to digital and streaming platforms after the show debuted on ABC-TV last month, this is the first video that’s been made available for free.

“Cornelia Street” is generally assumed to be about the street of the same name in New York City’s West Village, where Taylor rented an apartment for a time.  More specifically, it’s assumed to be about the summer that Taylor met her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, during the time she was living on Cornelia Street.

“I don’t wanna lose you, hope it never ends/I’d never walk Cornelia Street again,” she sings.

By Andrea Dresdale
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