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The Chainsmokers confirm their album is “done” but are still deciding on a release date: “It’s a moving target”

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The Chainsmokers have great news for fans patiently waiting for their next album.  The Grammy-winning duo confirmed their album is “done,” but admit they’re still deciding when to release it.

Speaking recently to the Sprout podcastDrew Taggart explained, “If you’re asking about the end date for the album, that’s kind of like a moving date, but I mean, it’s done. I can tell you that much and we’re really happy with it and we want to get it out as quickly as possible.”

Drew does have an idea when he’d like their fourth studio album to come out, saying, “So it’s a moving target but yeah, it’d be great. I mean, I really hope that this summer is kind of the summer that really feels normal again, I feel like it will. So, it’d be great to have it out by then.”

He promised to release more singles in the meantime, saying he and Alex Pall want to give fans “more to nibble on than just a single or two or three.” Drew also revealed something interesting about their still-untitled work — he sings on every track.

“I kind of like became… a singer on the fly. ‘Closer;’ was the first song I ever sang on. I just kind of went from there,” he explained, saying his voice is now “softer.” Drew added, “My voice does sound very different on this album but it sounds the most like me I think, which is really exciting.”

The Chainsmokers’ new album, currently dubbed TCS4, is the follow up to their 2019 effort World War Joy.

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