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The Kid LAROI explains why making the video for “Stay” was “painful” and “terrible”

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The video for The Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber’s number-one smash “Stay” involves a lot of cool special effects, but LAROI says those effects are the reason why shooting the clip wasn’t a pleasant experience.

“The levitating scene was painful,” LAROI says on the latest episode of VEVO’s Footnotes, which takes you behind the scenes of your favorite music videos.  That scene is the first one in the clip, and it shows the Australian rapper suspended in the air above his bed.

“It was definitely the most painful one, and actually was probably the worst part of shooting the video because I had, like, this harness on me. It was f***in’, like, chokin’ my n**s and s**t. I had to, like, hang, and it was terrible. I hated it. But it turned out really, really cool!”

Despite the pain, LAROI says he chose that particular concept for the video out of several he was offered, specifically because it had him “like, floating and s**t.”  “I love, like, floating stuff,” he says. “I dunno, I just love that s**t.” He also liked that the story line was easy to follow.

While hanging in a genital-crushing harness was the worst part of the video, LAROI says his favorite part of the 12-hour shoot was when he and Justin filmed their scenes together. 

“I love vibing off of other people’s energies and stuff, and he has a lot of energy that he shows off in music videos,” LAROI explains. “He always brings a really good, high level of energy, so it was dope bouncing off of him.”

LAROI is VEVO’s final LIFT artist of 2021; he’ll also do three exclusive live performances for the video platform.

(Video contains copious uncensored profanity.)

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