The Weeknd Puts On A Brilliant Halftime Show At The Super Bowl

The Weeknd’s halftime performance has gone down in the books of Super Bowl performances as one of the most expensive productions in history, spending $7 million of his own money. The Canadian singer took to the stage amid a city skyline and emerged sitting in a sports car while belting out a medley of his biggest hits.

A person dressed in a white was lowered to the stage to join a choir while The Weeknd, who wore his signature red sequined jacket, started things off with “Starboy.”

The hit song segued into “The Hills,” followed by The Weeknd bouncing through a funhouse of bright lights and mirrors for “Can’t Feel My Face.”

The performance was 14 minutes long and included, “I Feel It Coming,” “Save Your Tears” and “Earned It,” the finale wrapped with several dancers dressed similar to the star of the show with bandages on their faces as they hit the football field to march alongside The Weeknd for “Blinding Lights.”

If you’re wondering about all those bandages, The Weeknd told Variety, “the significance of the bandages was reflective of Hollywood’s culture of people manipulating themselves to please others and seek validation”

What did you think of The Weeknd’s Halftime Show?