The Weeknd Signs Huge Deal W/ Universal Music

The Weeknd has a new partnership with Universal Music by signing a huge long-term deal that includes publishing, merchandising, and recorded music.
UMG Chairman-CEO said, “Over the past decade, we have been honored to work so closely with Abel, who has quickly become one of music’s most creative and important artists—a once-in-a-generation talent.  With Sal and the XO team as our incredible partners, we’ve developed a deep trust and respect that has enabled us to successfully execute Abel’s brilliant vision.”
The Weeknd’s manager said, “Over a decade together says it all. Our relationship is built on trust, success, and family values. I am proud and excited to be beside Sir Lucian, Monte, Avery, Jody, and the rest of the Universal family building our next decade together.”
The Weeknd has sold over 75 million albums during the span of his career and will continue to sell more.
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