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Their #1 spot finally secured, Glass Animals hit the road: “All of this stuff is an incredible bonus”

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After a record 59 weeks, Glass Animals‘ “Heat Waves” has finally topped the Billboard Hot 100, and it’s perfect timing, considering the band is about to officially launch their U.S. tour tonight. Frontman Dave Bayley says they’ll continue to promote their 2020 album Dreamland, because thanks to the pandemic, they haven’t brought the tour to many cities — and thanks to “Heat Waves,” they suddenly have a bunch of new fans.

“It’s still gonna be Dreamland-related…but we are mixing it up,” Dave tells ABC Audio. “The songs change quite a lot as the tour goes on.” 

Meanwhile, the singer says he’s excited by the prospect of performing for people who’ve never seen them before.

“Sometimes going on stage, it’s the end of…two years of touring…and it’s like a hundred and five degrees outside and you’re like, ‘Oh my God, this is going to be so difficult,'” notes Dave. “[But] that is the one thing I always remind myself: This is someone’s first — not just Glass Animals show — but probably someone’s first show ever.

He adds, “I try to remember how I felt when I went to see my first show and I was, like, buzzing. It was electric. And immediately that makes me feel like so gassed, so excited to do the show.”

As for that number-one hit, “Heat Waves” has been such a success that Dave told ABC Audio a few months ago that if it did hit number one, it’d just be “an incredible bonus.”

“We never set out to do anything like this. We were just having fun making music,” he said, adding, “I’m not going to say it wouldn’t mean anything, but everything that’s happened so far is wonderful, and I’m already very lucky.”

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