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Tori Kelly says she's "not in a rush" to start a family

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With the 2020 celebrity baby boom going strong, singer Tori Kelly says she is not feeling the pressure to start a family of her own.  At least not yet.

Chatting with People, the “Never Alone” singer confirmed that she and her husband of two years, André Murillo, are content with what they currently have.

“We’ve talked about kids, of course. And it’s something that would be, I think, so special at some point, whenever we decide,” the 27-year-old American Idol finalist dished. “But, we’re not in any rush.”

“I think we’re just enjoying being together as a couple and we have our two little dog babies. So that’s keeping us busy for now,” she smiled.

Her two dogs, named Frodo and Dobby, aren’t the only things keeping the singer busy.  Kelly reveals she’s also been spending her time recording new music.

“Quarantine has been really okay. It’s kind of hard to say it’s been great,” she began. “Having the studio in my house has really kept me busy the whole time, just down there recording.”

She’s been so busy working in her at-home studio, though, her husband has to step in to ensure she’s taking care of herself.

“André’s been great,” she gushed. “He would even bring me food sometimes because I would forget to eat — he’d bring me coffee.”

Another gift of quarantine, she says, is being able to spend more time with her beloved.  Prior to tying the knot in 2018, Kelly says the two were in a long-distance relationship. 

“During quarantine, we definitely learned a lot about each other and are continuing to grow together,” said the Sing star. “We all just got way closer and I think my relationships have gotten stronger during this time.”

By Megan Stone
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