Tori Kelly speaks about her role in ‘Sing 2’

Tori Kelly recently discussed how she has grown as an actress from her experience in the Sing series.
Tori said, “I stepped into the first film as a complete noob. I was like, ‘I don’t know what I’m doing, but thank you for hiring me for this. This is incredible.’ It was very much a dream role because as a singer, I get to sing in the movie, I get to dip my feet into acting more. Starting there and than now doing the second movie, I guess I had more context for how this all works. Because it was literally my first time doing a movie! So it was cool to just be at the premiere and then see how it all turned out, meet the cast. The whole experience was great and then stepping into the second one, it was just a little bit more confidence of like, ‘Okay, now I kind of get how this whole thing works.'”
She continued, “I think having a director like him and it being my first movie, and I think for him his first animated movie as well, and so I feel like we kind of shared that and it was like two kids just trying to figure it out and bounce off of each other.”
Sing 2 is already out in theaters.
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