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Travis Scott responds to alleged claims from side chick, who said ‘he’s BEEN cheating on Kylie Jenner’

And this whole situation is by far THE HOTTEST gossip right now on TikTok, Twitter…basically everywhere.

So to spill the (alleged) tea, Travis Scott is receiving backlash from his apparent side chick stemming back as far as 10 years ago, IG model Yungsweetro. She claimed that ‘everyone knows he’s been cheating’ on her Instagram Live.

Travis, being the father of 2 children with Kylie, is being slammed all across the internet, and has since denied the cheating allegations, saying he has absolutely ‘NO IDEA’ who Yungsweetro is.

Instagram theorists are speculating that the two girls are ‘fighting over Travis,’ after Yungsweetro posted a picture to her page captioned: “tell her to be me for halloween since she wants you to love her so bad.” Users aren’t completely sure if it was intentional, but King Kylie posted a picture, flaunting a black curvy bodysuit, captioned: “in ur dreams.”

Yungsweetro posted a statement on her Instagram story, apologizing for speaking on behalf of ‘someone else’s relationship’ and saying that the alleged ‘disrespect’ shown from Travis, ‘is hurtful.’

“I have never perpetuated any narrative. I never said I’m currently with him or have recently been with him. Like i said, i went home that night. Having someone you’ve known for almost a decade disrespect you and assume you won’t stand up for yourself be you never do, is hurtful,” the model and influencer said.

“I reacted in the moment and speaking on someone else’s relationship was wrong of me. I have nothing to prove, him deleting all his posts as soon as i posted an inconspicuous screenshot speaks for itself. Having thousands of people say you’ve posted and done things that are completely out of character and you would never do is equally hurtful. I am a regular person with a real career and family. I’m not a blogger or reality tv star who lives by the moto “all publicity is good publicity.’

November 5th also marks the anniversary of the Astroworld tragedy, in which 10 people were killed by a massive crowd surge and stampede at the 2021 Astroworld music festival in Houston.

Some theorists speculate the ‘cheating allegations’ are publicity stunts to cover up the resurfacing of the backlash Travis may once again receive for the concert.