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Trevor Daniel breaks down the breakup that inspired "Falling"

Cian Moore

Trevor Daniel has a huge hit on his hands with “Falling,” which has also gone viral on TikTok.  The Houston, TX native says the song was inspired by a broken romance that nearly led him to swear off relationships for good.

“I was dating this girl in high school, and then when we broke up, I was just, I was really torn up over it,” Trevor tells ABC Audio. “And I kept telling myself I wasn’t going to get with anyone else again. I wasn’t going to fall for love, or fall in love or whatever.”

That’s why, in the first line of the song, Trevor sings, “My last made me feel like I would never try again.”  But, as the second line reveals, it wasn’t long until he found himself falling yet again.

“Literally two weeks later, bro, like, this girl was writing on my book in driving class,” the 25-year-old singer recalls. “Like, she was super cute, sarcastic. I loved her sarcastic humor. I thought it was adorable. But anyway, we started dating…I think we dated for like seven, eight years.” 

“Falling” is on Trevor’s debut album Nicotine, whose title was inspired by a different doomed relationship — one that he was in last year.

“We were great friends and when we were friends, everything worked out,” he says of his ex. “But she’s an amazing person, we’re still cool — I just think together, we weren’t good for each other.” 

Not long ago, Trevor told ABC Audio that while in quarantine, he was working to expand Nicotine by adding lots of extra tracks, which, according to his Twitter feed, appear to be on their way.

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