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Trevor Daniel says fans make him feel like what he does is "extremely important"

Cian Moore

Trevor Daniel’s hit “Falling” may be the first song that some people have from the Houston singer/songwriter, but he’s actually been releasing music online since 2015.  The singer tells ABC Audio that he’s always surprised at how deeply affected his fans seem to be by his music.

“Falling” — which originally came out in 2018 — appears on Trevor’s debut album Nicotine, which came out earlier this year.  But prior to that, he released two EPs — Homesick and Restless — and launched a headlining tour in 2019.  All that means he’s had plenty of time to develop a devoted fan base.

“My fans, they reach out all the time: It’s really awesome,” he says. “A lot of people, you know, they’ll send me really detailed, emotional kinds of things, and it really makes me feel like what I do is extremely important.”

Trevor explains that he normally doesn’t stop to consider how other people will connect to his songs, because they’re so personally to him.

“Normally, I wouldn’t realize it, just because I’m enjoying what I do so much,” he tells ABC Audio. “And it’s kind of like my journal. So for someone else to get something out of it, too, is just…like, it’s super-awesome to me.”

Trevor was supposed to open for Camila Cabello on her Romance tour this year, but that tour was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as were the remaining dates on Trevor’s own Nicotine tour, so his opportunities to bring his music to his fans live this year have been limited.

“I can’t wait to see you when it’s safe for all of us,” he wrote.

By Andrea Dresdale
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