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Watch Ava Max burn up the road in new video for "OMG What's Happening"

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Charlotte Rutherford

Ava Max is back with another over-the-top video, this time for her song “OMG What’s Happening.”

In the visual, directed by Hannah Lux Davis, Ava and her girlfriends are speeding down a desert highway in a jeep, as she sings about being drawn back to a guy she knows is bad news.

The guy himself soon appears, driving a flashy purple car, and they play a game of cat and mouse which ends with them both pulling into a gas station. 

That’s when spoken interlude comes in, as Ava says to the guy: “Ahhh, what have you done to me? Something about your face: I don’t know whether to kiss it or punch it!  If you don’t get away from me right now, I swear to God…I swear…”  and then she screams.  Next thing you know, she’s hopping into the car and driving away with the guy, to the dismay of her girlfriends. 

The clip ends with Ava sitting on the guy’s lap and kissing him as he drives down the highway, and then hanging out the window, singing, “Look what you’ve done to me/I got everything I wanted but you’re everything, you’re everything I want.”

“OMG What’s Happening” is from Ava’s debut album Heaven & Hell, which has been certified Gold for sales of 500,000 units.  She’s planning a deluxe version of the album at some point.

By Andrea Dresdale
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