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Watch Demi Lovato & Sam Fischer ride in — and on — a train in "What Other People Say" video

Courtesy RCA Records

Demi Lovato and Sam Fischer have now released the official video for their powerful duet, “What Other People Say.”

In the clip, Demi and Sam are riding in a train that’s speeding through the night, occasionally passing each other as they wander from car to car.  At the end of the clip, they’re both outside, riding on top of the train like a couple of action heroes, while continuing to sing.  As the video ends, they look at each other and exit the train through the same door.

Sam, who wrote the song, says it’s “a confession, realizing how far away you can get from who you are in an effort to be liked. It’s about the pressures of society and how getting caught up with the wrong things can change you.”

In other Demi news, she spent Valentine’s Day with her friend Alok, a gender non-confirming writer, performer and public speaker. Posting several photos of their joint celebration, Demi wrote to Alok, “You make me excited for the things we both have in store for this year, because I truly believe we can create healing together for those who are afraid to live their truths, as I once was…I love you.”

Demi’s post was a reaction to what Alok had written about her.  They posted the same photos and wrote, “Demi is a lighthouse. A wounded healer. A feelings teacher. Someone who knows my lonely and emboldens my spirit. When she laughs it’s the most beautiful sunrise I’ve ever seen.”

They added, “Like me, she knows joy because she has suffered. She speaks from a place rooted in rigorous and ruthless compassion. She makes my impossible, possible.”

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)

By Andrea Dresdale
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