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Watch Jack Harlow’s video for “First Class,” starring Anitta

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Jack Harlow‘s dropped his new album Come Home the Kids Miss You, and along with it, the video for his latest hit, “First Class.” 

The clip for the Fergie-sampling track stars “Girl from Rio” singer Anitta as a mysterious woman who spies on Jack with a telescope as he exits a building, and then gets on a motorcycle and rides into the night down a road painted with letters spelling out “Glamorous” — the name of the Fergie song in question.

In the clip, which switches from black-and-white to color, we see Jack in the studio, in the club, on a runway with a helicopter, and on what looks like the same nighttime road Anitta is driving on.  It ends with him opening the trunk of a car, only to see a beam of light pour out and shoot up to the sky, which could be a nod to the 1984 cult classic Repo Man.

As previously reported, Come Home the Kids Miss You features Justin Timberlake, Pharrell, Drake and Lil Wayne. There’s also a song called “Dua Lipa,” in which Jack raps, “I catch a groove like Dua Lipa/I’m tryna do more with her than do a feature.”

Speaking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 about the album, Jack explains its theme is all about bringing a piece of his glamorous life back to his home in Louisville, Kentucky.

I take these experiences where I’m flying through the Hollywood Hills or I’m on a private jet to Miami…I experience stuff no one from my city is getting to experience,” he explains. “And I take that home and go, ‘Let me tell you about it.’”

The full interview drops Saturday at 11 a.m. ET on Jack’s YouTube channel.

(Video features uncensored profanity.)

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