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We Belong Together: Millie Bobby Brown says “potentially” she could collab with Mariah Carey

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Todd Owyoung/NBC

A Mariah Carey/Millie Bobby Brown duet?  Well, Stranger Things have happened.

Fans of Mariah may have noticed that the young British actress occasionally appears on the diva’s social media feeds: The two became pals because Mariah’s kids are fans of Millie’s Stranger Things character, Eleven.  But it seems that when Millie comes over to visit, she and Mariah spend a lot of time making music together.

“I’ll just go over and we’ll sing together…it’s the most magical [thing],” Millie said on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night. When Fallon asked if the two would ever consider dropping a single together, the actress said, “Potentially, I don’t know.”  She called Mariah “the most talented singer ever.”

Millie, who’s so close with Mariah that she gets to call her “Mimi,” noted that the two are tight because “she grew up in the public eye and we have connected just on so many different levels.”

“I also just love the way she leads her life with so much power and she just has so much knowledge and she’s so wise,” Millie added of Mariah. “She’s just been such an incredible guiding light for me.”

The actress also revealed that she and Mariah will be, for example, eating Chinese food and Mariah will randomly bust out her famous “whistle tone.”  “It’s a real thing.  It’s wild!” said Millie.

Maybe Millie and Mariah could collab on a Christmas single: “The ‘Eleven’ Days of Christmas.” Hey, you never know.

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