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What is Britney Spears’ camp saying about Jamie Lynn Spears’ claims?

Jamie Lynn Spears & Britney Spears in 2017; Image Group LA/Disney Channel via Getty Images

Appearing on ABC’s Nightline to promote her new memoir, Britney Spears‘ sister Jamie Lynn Spears told ABC News’ Juju Chang about a blowup between the sisters in early 2020, when they were briefly quarantining together.  But sources tell Page Six that Jamie Lynn isn’t telling the whole story.

Jamie Lynn described an incident in her book in which she writes that Britney “screamed” and “cursed” at her in front of Jamie Lynn’s children.

“I was like, ‘We’re just all family under one roof. I’m not trying to argue,'” Jamie Lynn told Chang. “And when I tried to remove myself from the situation, that’s when I guess she just got really angry, and my oldest daughter tried to, you know, mediate the situation. I hated that.”

Jamie Lynn also claims that her parents told her not to “upset” her big sister.

But a pal of Britney’s tells Page Six, “Jamie Lynn curiously left out what caused the fight. It was a disagreement that should have never gone beyond the walls of the family’s home. Who didn’t have tension at home in the beginning of quarantine? Why even bring that up now…?”

Another source tells Page Six, “Britney has been deeply hurt by her family, and this isn’t helping matters. Sure, Jamie Lynn has a book to sell, but things don’t have to be so one-sided.”

Meanwhile, Jamie Lynn tells People, “I love and I support my sister, and I always will. It’s very clear that this has been a painful process, and I have to respect however she works through that.” 

However, she adds, “It gets to a certain point where you can’t help someone who doesn’t want you to. If it starts to become harmful or unhealthy for you and your well-being, then you have to remove yourself.”

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