While You Wait For Rihanna To Drop New Music, The Singer Says She Is Working On Caribbean Cookbook

Rihanna has already confirmed that she is releasing new music next year, but in the meantime, she is working on a cookbook.

Rihanna said that she has always loved doing relaxing things and the quarantine helped her see that cooking is one of them.
She said that she loves food, especially from her Barbadian roots, and that she’s been spending a lot of time in the kitchen. At that point she realized she wanted to make a cookbook.
She isn’t giving a lot of details about her newest venture, but she mentioned that there will be a recipe for “mac n cheese, Shepard’s Pie, and run punch”, which she said are some of her culture’s comfort food.
What’s your favorite thing to cook? Do you have a recipe that you made on your own? If you published a cookbook, what kind of recipes would it include?