WHO declares COVID-19 a pandemic

The World Health Organization has declared a COVID-19 pandemic despite the fact that it hasn’t reached the true definition.

A pandemic is defined as “an epidemic occurring worldwide.” However, a COVID-19 epidemic has only occurred in China, where nearly 81,000 of the almost 114,000 confirmed global cases have occurred.
Of the 4,012 total deaths, 3,140 has been in China, where the spread of the virus has drastically slowed. There have only been 20 new cases and 17 new deaths reported in China in the past 24 hours.
So, why has the WHO decided to go ahead and call COVID-19 a pandemic? Because they think governments haven’t taken appropriate action to stop the virus from spreading further.

Florida found 8 new cases today, however, none are in South Florida.
Do you approve of the US government’s reaction? Has this reached the pandemic level? Why has this virus taken a larger toll in China than elsewhere?