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Will Ed Sheeran perform on ‘SNL’ remotely?

Dan Martensen

Ed Sheeran is supposed to be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live on November 6, but his COVID-19 diagnosis has thrown a wrench into those plans.  Page Six reports that the show’s producers are now trying to fill his slot with another act, despite Ed’s offer to perform virtually.

“Ed is offering to perform live via video link, but this isn’t something SNL does,” a source tells Page Six. The show likes to have the performer in studio.”  As a result, the show is now “scrambling” to find another artist “who appeals to the same demo” to replace Ed.  Among the suggestions: Shawn Mendes or Justin Bieber.

There is a chance that Ed might be allowed to perform remotely, but that has yet to be decided.  When he announced his diagnosis, Ed said he was going to “be doing as many of my planned interviews/performances I can from my house.”

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