Will Meek Mill Drop Another Album This Year?

Meek Mill just blessed us with his Championships album. Could he have more to give us before the end of the year? During an #AskMeek session on Twitter, someone wondered if he would put out another installment in his Real Me mix tape series. [sponsored_shortcode shortcode=”%3Cblockquote%20class%3D%22twitter-tweet%22%20data-lang%3D%22en%22%3E%3Cp%20lang%3D%22en%22%20dir%3D%22ltr%22%3EHow%20bout%20I%20just%20drop%20another%20album%20before%20the%20year%20over!” /] Meek responded, “How bout I just drop another album before the year over!” Do you think Meek should put out more before the end of the year? Should he just let Championships breath for a second?