Woman Claims Soulja Boy Kidnapped Her

Kiiiiiidnaap? It’s a serious claim against Soulja Boy.
A woman named Kayla was at Soulja’s home in Los Angeles Friday night. Early on Saturday morning, an argument broke out.
TMZ reports that as Kayla tried to leave, she hit the curb with her car. Soulja’s assistant saw it and those two began fighting. Soulja allegedly came out to break it up and took Kayla into the garage and tied her to a chair with an extension cord. She was there for six hours.
When she left, Kayla went to the hospital with fractured ribs and a concussion. She reported the kidnapping to the police. Soulja’s manager told TMZ that his client always calls him if there is any trouble and “he didn’t call.”
How will this play out for Soulja Boy?
Is his resurgence causing some new trouble?
Do you know someone who says they were held against their will?