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You could win a video of Ed Sheeran dedicating his new song to you or a friend

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Ed Sheeran‘s new era officially begins June 25 with the release of his new single, “Bad Habits.”  But he’s got an extra incentive for you to pre-save the song right now.

On Instagram, Ed posted a video of himself walking around while describing that incentive.  “Hello, everyone!” he says. “My new single ‘Bad Habits’ comes out on the 25th of June and if you pre-save it before release, you can win a video of me dedicating the song to you or a friend. So pre-save that and I hope you enjoy the tune!”

The video ends with a clip of Ed playing and singing what we assume is a bit of “Bad Habits”: “And tonight had something wonderful,” he croons in falsetto.

In addition, Ed posted a teaser of the “Bad Habits” video, which also drops June 25. In the clip, he plays a pink-suited vampire, and the teaser shows him walking down the street with a crew of vampire buddies.


A post shared by Ed Sheeran (@teddysphotos)


A post shared by Ed Sheeran (@teddysphotos)

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