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Zara Larsson talks drawing inspiration from ABBA for new dance track "Love Me Land"

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Zara Larsson has a new album that she says is inspired by ABBA, one of the most famous Swedish pop groups of all time.

The Swedish singer, 22, spoke about the supergroup influencing her new dance track, “Love Me Land,” and her upcoming album during an interview with Good Morning America on Friday.

Zara admitted that she listened to a wide range of artists growing up, her favorite being Beyoncé, and ABBA wasn’t in her regular rotation. But she’s recently gotten into them.

“When I started listening to ABBA again, I’m just like … Hold on, they have hits on hits on hits on hits … and even if they would release them now they would still — they’re timeless, their melodies and what they’re saying, it’s so unique and fun,” Larsson said about the group.

“For this album, I’ve just listened to how they make their songs, what comes after the verse, how to structure the songs, basically, because it’s a little freeer, I guess, than most of the pop songs today,” she added.

The singer was influenced by ABBA’s 80s hit “Lay All Your Love on Me” when creating her latest single, “Love Me Land.” The new song is about taking a chance at loving again after processing a difficult experience, she said.

“It’s about taking that step of maybe having been in a relationship, and then it wasn’t what you wanted it to be, or you broke up and it hurt really bad and you think — I don’t really want to be in that situation again,” Zara explained. “So you protect yourself and think I’m not going to put myself in a vulnerable spot, but feeling that lovey dovey feeling is the best feeling in the world.”

A release date for Zara’s upcoming sophomore album has yet to be announced.

By Hayley FitzPatrick
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