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Zedd, Doja Cat, Ally Brooke, Ava Max & more detail their least-productive day in quarantine

ABC/Heidi Gutman

As part of Mental Health Awareness Month — that’s this month, by the way — Billboard has rounded up a bunch of artists to talk about all the ways they’re being unproductive in quarantine.  Zedd, Anne-Marie, Doja Cat, Ally Brooke, Bryce Vine and more are among the artists ‘fessing up to being just plain lazy.

You see, while most stars are grinding 24/7 — touring, recording, doing promo — they now find themselves with a lot of time on their hands.  The message of the video is that it’s O.K. to take time for yourself, veg out and not feel pressure to be productive or creative every single day.

“My most unproductive day in quarantine for sure has been watching an entire season of Too Hot to Handle on Netflix,” admits Bryce. 

“I watched every Harry Potter movie, every Pirates of the Caribbean,” says Doja Cat.

“On my most uncreative day[s], I usually like to do a self-care day with face masks and watch some TV,” says Ava.

Zedd reveals, “I’ve actually had four or five days in a row where I virtually did nothing but play video games all day.”

“Sleeping in ’til, like 11, and being in my sweatpants, and literally being on the couch, watching movies all day and stuffing my face with everything possible,” Ally Brooke recalls. “That was a really good day!”

“Sometimes it’s all right to just take some time off, until you feel refreshed, and come back strong and be creative then,” adds Zedd.

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