Zoom into Summer with Children’s Services Council


Zoom into Summer with Children’s Services Council

During the summer PARTY 96.3 & Children’s Services Council will focus on information to help families in the community.


This Week’s Featured:

Drowning Prevention Coalition



Since the state of Florida closed schools in March, the number of child drownings has skyrocketed.

Since March 13, 27 children have drowned in Florida, including two in Palm Beach County. A 1-year-old drowned in a relative’s pool in June and a 2-year-old drowned after getting into her backyard undetected.

The vast majority of the drownings where children are under the age of 5, most have fallen into backyard pools after getting out of a house undetected.

The first thing that parents need to do is make sure there are barriers preventing a child from getting at the pool. That means having door alarms and childproof locks. It also means having fencing around the pool with a self-latching gate.

Parents also need to consider who is watching their child and if that person is responsible. Does that person know CPR?

If there is a party or lots of people around the pool, designate a water watcher. The water watcher is someone who is responsible for monitoring who is in the pool. The water watcher should be a responsible adult who is free of distractions like a cellphone. It’s good to have a water watcher tag that can be passed around at parties.

Recognize that floaties or water wings do not protect your child from drowning.

The Drowning Prevention Coalition of Palm Beach County offers vouchers for free swim lessons for children ages 2-12 in Palm Beach County. At this point, though, no public pools in Palm Beach County are offering swim lessons.

The DPC website with helpful water safety tips and online application for vouchers is

It’s also important to talk about beach safety-

Always swim at a lifeguarded beach, and pay attention to the beach flags

Rip currents can be a drowning hazard. NOAA Rip current information

Know the conditions flags

  • Green – means go, but follow water safety rules
  • Yellow – means caution, slow down and remain vigilant
  • Red- means stop, conditions are not safe
  • Purple- means biting or stinging animals are present

And if you are boating, always wear a lifejacket. Anna can discuss what you should look for in a lifejacket.

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